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BRIGHTON CAR WASH and DETAIL CENTER opened in 1995 in Naperville, Illinois. Since then, we have worked feverishly to uphold a well-earned reputation for the quality associated with our detailing services. Many detailing centers that operate as “attached” locations to tunnel car washes have an associated stigma of being less than desirable when it comes to quality of work. We set out from the beginning to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our goal is simple; we believe in offering our clients and patrons the absolute best experience possible, not only in terms of work quality, but also service, familiarity, knowledgeability, and trust.

Brighton Auto Detailing FacilityBRIGHTON AUTO DETAILING was developed to strengthen and reinforce those ideals, as well as to expand our service options to better fit the needs of our clients. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in over 20 years of auto detailing, it’s that no two vehicles are the same. A “one size fits all” service model may not address the specific needs of our patrons. Our new, state of the art facilities will allow us to provide a more “custom-tailored” service model that is both accommodating to any budget, as well as provides the most up-to-date processes and procedures for restoring, maintaining and protecting your automobile.

We believe firmly in the “anti-aging” philosophy of automobile maintenance, focusing more on preemptive protectionary measures against the elements instead of “hands-on, reactive” detailing. The theory behind this style of detailing has been proven worldwide and is quickly becoming the standard for vehicle maintenance here in North America, due in no small part to the rise in popularity of long-term protective coatings and proper techniques, equipment and procedures.

Whether you’re looking for maximum protection on a new vehicle purchase, or to restore the showroom shine on a vehicle that has seen better days, we would hope you would consider BRIGHTON AUTO DETAILING to help you make an informed, educated decision and let our expertise, passion, experience and commitment to quality lead you to a long-lasting, high quality finish that you can enjoy for years to come.

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